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Welcome to Jmeter Selenium SoapUI LoadRuner software testing tools training provider!

Master Jmeter with our instructor led Jmeter class training, along with Jmeter training you can also enroll in SoapUI training with advanced groovy scripting, QTP Training with VB Scripting and Data-driven, Keyword and Hybrid frameworks, Selenium Training with Java, covering ANT, MAVEN & Jenkins, Load Runner Training, Microsoft TFS MTM CodedUI Training, Ruby On Rails with Cucumber. Don’t let this opportunity pass, Enroll today, Start working in 2 months!!

Looking to upgrade your skills in Jmeter? Get a good PAYING JOB in less than 2 months, our high quality online Jmeter training (along with our manual and automated software testing) can help you achieve your goals.

We provide online software testing training for beginners as well as advanced level testers, if you are looking for cost-effective software testing training, you have come to the right place.

Master software testing and advance your career without breaking your pocket (we have $99/month training, you can get unlimited software testing training, 12 month subscription required).

Currently we are offering QA Training with Unix, SQL, JIRA and Quality Center training, Rational Test Manager training, Quick Test Pro training, Selenium training, Load Runner training, SoapUI Web Service Testing training, JMeter training, SQL Database testing training, JIRA training, SharePoint training, Unix training, TFS training, MTM training, Coded-UI with C#.NET training, Ruby on rails training, cucumber training and many other hot software testing tools training.  

Our instructor led training covers for example in Jmeter training: We present Jmeter Lectures with Case studies and we provide Jmeter Tutorials and you can watch Jmeter Videos that come as a part of our Jmeter online Training.

Enroll today, Start working in 2 months!!

Companies are looking for Automation Software Testing Professionals. ARE YOU READY?

Most of the companies today are looking for Software Testing Professionals who can perform AUTOMATED Software Testing. And even though we all acknowledge a lot of tech professionals are out there looking for work, companies still can’t find people to fill these jobs. Do you know WHY? Because companies are seeking professionals having the RIGHT SKILLS and to get a good paying job you got to have ‘em!

That is where we at FILL the GAP! We will TRAIN YOU to get that good paying job in SOFTWARE TESTING (both manual + automated), PERIOD!


Call 732-998-6650 or email us at if you have any questions.

LIVE Automation Software Testing Training conducted from New York Weekdays from 8PM – 10PM EST and 11AM – 7PM on Sat and Sun.

Buy your training and get Software Testing VIDEOS access along with it.

BUY NOW and START learning right away, continue learning 24 X 7

ANY QUESTIONS? CALL: 732-998-6650

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    Our unlimited training package is a HOT seller, with our Unlimited package, you get Unlimited training, you can take any course we offer either as a LIVE class or recorded videos, you may join any of our LIVE classes with instructor-led training and also get videos INSTANTLY to watch at your own pace. Buy our Unlimited Testing Training Package and Keep Your Skills Sharp, Your Credentials Current and Your Career Moving in the Right Direction, no messy softwares to install, It’s 100% Online.

    Unlimited Software Testing Training for ONE YEAR

    includes EVERY course we offer at TrainingRite

    Open Unlimited Access to QTP, Selenium, LoadRunner, JMeter or SoapUI, QC and SQL courses and to ALL our VIDEO courses, including ALL NEW UPCOMING COURSES FREE !!!

    Some of the NEW upcoming courses:

    •Ruby on rails
    •Cucumber Training
    •SharePoint for Testers
    •VB.NET for Testers
    •C#.NET for Testers
    •ASP.NET for Testers
    •Web Services for Testers
    •HTML and XML for Testers

    Having these skills on your RESUME will make you the MOST DESIRABLE for the job market.

    Make yourself marketable, improve your resume, add value to yourself, acquire these skills NOW !!!

    Take ALL Courses, You can take any course anytime, any number of times for 1 FULL YEAR.
    For better results we “MANDATE” you complete two (2) courses at any given time before you enroll into new courses.
    If we introduce a new course in the next 12 months, you’ll have access to it.
    Live Sessions Plus
    12 Months Videos Access Plus
    12 Months Private Forum Membership

    *By Paying for the purchase of your course/package you agree to the following:
    – $99/month, MUST purchase subscription for 12 months.
    – Absolute NO Refund policy after 24 hours of making the payment.
    – Streaming videos cannot be downloaded or saved.
    – Videos will be provided for every class you enroll.
    – Unlimited training for 12 months, two courses at a time, every 30 days.
    – We cannot support your computer issues.
    – Download links to Free/Evaluation software will be provided.

    No need to wait till the start of the next live class, you may register today for the up-coming batches of QTP, Selenium, SoapUI Web Service Testing or other courses and get videos access INSTANTLY (like right away) and attend the next live session when it is offered.
    Our videos are recorded from our LIVE sessions, Each session is 2 hour long and you have 8 such sessions every course, a total of 16 hours of LIVE training. When you register for a course you get the LIVE classes as well as tons of videos along with it.

    We at provide you that everything you are looking for to gain automation tools skills, right from covering basics to an in-depth detail coverage of intermediate to advanced topics, our online courses will make you a HERO, mastering everything that is needed to land that dream job! We help you preparing your resume and with our placement division will strive to get jobs to the “qualifying” candidates (conditions apply).

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